it’s all in the details.

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posted by sandra.

i agree that it’s more than a little sad that i haven’t updated since june. but in my defense i did get married, start a new job and move. at least i have the next couple of blog topics cut out for me!

now after planning my wedding i’ve learned that it’s all in the details. the details can turn you into bridezilla, but they also provide many opportunities to infuse your wedding with personal touches.

so without further ado, here’s some of the details from our wedding:


old laurelhurst church : where frank and first attended together and near our first apartment. we fell in love with its spanish art deco design and amazing stained glass windows. when our photographer whispered “wow” upon entering, i knew i had chosen the right location.


ceremony : frank and i planned every word of our wedding ceremony. we went against tradition and included a pledge of support from our guests and a tree watering ceremony (instead of candle lighting). to know frank is to know his love of sequoias. we’re saving the tree to plant at our first house.

in addition we passed out sequoia saplings to our guests as wedding favors.

decorations : the decorations at the church and reception site were simple. at the church we accented the pews with locally grown dahlias and candles. at the heathman lodge we used plants as centerpieces which my parents planted in the yard afterward. we did our best to have a “green” wedding.

food and beverage : quite a few of our guests were from out of town so we wanted to share our love of the northwest with them. we encouraged them to explore the city and hosted our reception at a beautiful lodge with salmon as one of our dinner options. we were especially happy to provide a local, seasonal microbrew for our guests to enjoy.

dessert bar : although i’m a big dessert fan, i’m not a cake lover. thus, i opted for a dessert bar instead of the traditional wedding cake. our guests were invited to sample a chocalate hazelnut cake, marionberry cheesecake, white cake with espresso filling, a berry tart, and other yummy desserts.


all of our guests after the ceremony.


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  1. I haven’t gone through my own wedding yet – but I admire you guys for going “green” and for making it personal. I think the wedding traditions these days, in our country, tend to be gratuitous, wasteful, and tradition for tradition’s sake. I love the personal touches you guys made!

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