our new place.

February 10, 2008 at 4:10 am | Posted in this and that | 1 Comment

posted by sandra.

shortly after the wedding frank and i moved into our new place. it’s about a half mile from our last place and thus still has access to many of the benefits of laurelhurst including the shops, theater, and park. however, now we’re even closer to two of our favorite places, pambiche and fred meyer. hooray!

if you never saw our old place then you never got to see just how small it was. in fact frank and i were crammed together in one tiny room. even newlyweds need some space sometimes. we also had the tiniest kitchen known to man (it was pretty much a closet converted into a kitchen) and no heat. really, the only thing we enjoyed about our old place was the cool sun porch and the cheap rent. (i’ll try to post pictures later on.)

on the other hand our new place almost has too much space. we now have a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, office and basement — each in their own room. (wow!) we have a yard and are looking forward to gardening next summer. and we still don’t pay too much for rent.

doesn’t it look cozy? please visit soon — we love visitors now that we have room (and furniture) for them!


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  1. Looks AWESOME!!!!!

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