quick update

May 17, 2008 at 11:16 pm | Posted in adventures, this and that | Leave a comment

by sandra.

it has been much too long since our last post. we have great intentions and plans for posts about our spring break trip, but as you can see those still have yet to be posted. trust me though it’ll be worth the wait! we are excited to share video of the car ride, the sun, the snow, and the animals at wildlife safari.

currently we are working on wrapping up the school year. with only 3 weeks of school remaining there is a lot of teaching and learning to complete. however, the students are growing increasingly restless while our minds are becoming mushier by the day.

frank and i are also preparing for our trip to london and bulgaria. frank has been refreshing his bulgarian while teaching me a few phrases. he’s even labeled some of the things in our house with bulgarian words. so far i know how to say “thank you,” “cookies, please” and “toilet.” i’m almost ready! we’ve also been planning what we’d like to see and do while overseas.

frank and i hope to post (with pictures) while in london and bulgaria so please check in periodically.


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