London: The first two point five days

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By Frank

After a very long flight, Sandra and I have touched down in London. The first two days have been hectic.  We arrived at rush hour and then struggled to find our way a quarter of a mile to our hotel. The first night, we simply strolled around our neighborhood and I visited my first English pub. I had a tasty bitter and some shepherd’s pie. It was a bit of a shock coming off the Underground at Victoria Station.

Perhaps the most shocking thing is the price of things. While a Starbucks mocha is £3, that’s 6 bucks. I’d write the dollar sign, but there isn’t one on this British keyboard. The @ is also where the ” should be and the return key is off. At any rate, the prices are crazy. Stupid government ruining our money. Soon, it’ll be monopoly money.

The second day, we visited Parliament and Big Ben and saw the outside of the Westminster Abbey. We would’ve gone it, but with the exchange, it would have cost $40 each. Here are some photos from that area:

London side streetLondon side street

Big Ben and Parliament

We walked across the river Thames and past the London Eye, which we also passed up due to the cost. We couldn’t resist seeing a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, though. We saw the Merry Wives of Windsor, and it was simply amazing. We could have stood for $10 each (I finally found the $ on the keyboard), but choose to sit for $40. The play was funny and the singing enjoyable.

 The Globe

After the play, we took the Millennium Bridge across the river to St. Paul’s cathedral, a massive church, where we listened to the choir and gazed in amazement.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

 We walked all the way across London back to Victoria, stopping along the way at Buckingham palace. We walked over 5 miles and were beat!

Today, we visited the Tower of London. It’s an amazing castle dating back to the 11th century to William the Conqueror’s time. We saw the crown jewels and the largest diamond in the world! We spent maybe 5 hours there and walked around and around and around. We were beat on our tube ride home!

Tower of London

Tower Ravens

Pooped on the Tube!

Tomorrow and Sunday we will visit FREE (thankfully) museums like the British National Gallery and the British Museum (which has King Tut). Look for more photos!

It’s been cold and rainy here on the first day of summer. It’s hard to believe we’ll be in Bulgaria on Monday where it will be in the upper 80s!

Check back for more!


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