london: the next 3 days

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by sandra.

after moving to a new hotel (which was somewhat larger and featured strange pictures on the wall), frank and i took the tube to the tower hill stop.  we spent most of the day exploring the tower of london, which has served as a palace, residence, and jail throughout london’s history.  the highlights were seeing the infamous ravens (which are quite large and quick), going on a beefeater tour, and seeing the graffiti of past inhabitants of the jail.

creepy photo which hung over our bed:

two of the ravens:

the next day we visited the natural history museum which features a cutting of one of the large sequioas at sequioa national park.  frank was excited to see this cutting because he has given tours on its stump and has seen the other cutting at a museum in new york.  unfortunately the remainder of the museum was not that great and can hardly be remembered because we were so hot and sweaty most of the time.

the sequoia cutting:

later that night we met up with a bulgarian friend of frank’s, takvor.  takvor and his wife had helped frank manuever the trains to sofia when frank was very sick and new to bulgaria.  they had hung out many times when frank lived in bulgaria.  takvor lives in bristol now (near the west coast of england) and luckily just happened to be in london that saturday.  takvor had brought another bulgarian with him, a nice guy who had only been in england for 2 weeks.  thus, his english was a bit shaky and he spent most of the night just sitting quietly and smiling (much like i have been doing in bulgaria).  we were later joined by 2 more bulgarians and a londoner, and then later 2 more bulgarians.  we had a lot of fun with those guys drinking at a pub, then driving erratically through london, and then hanging out at a underground bar in some unknown (to us) part of london, apparently called “shepard’s bush.”   it was a nice preview of the friendly and welcoming nature of bulgarians for me.

london is VERY humid and thus my hair is VERY frizzy:

me, takvor (in the red shirt), the londoner (blonde hair), the bulgarians:

we spent most of sunday at the british museum, a museum that puts any other history museum to shame.  it’s enormous and features artifacts from metsopotamia, ancient greece and rome, egypt, assyria, and i’m probably leaving out a few cultures.  we especially enjoyed seeing the rosetta stone, mosaics, and mummies.  our favorite room is called the enlightenment room — it looks like the museum did when it first opened in the 1790’s (i think) and features wooden bookcases lining the walls and artifacts categorized just how they would have been at that time.  beautiful!


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