same and different – america and bulgaria

June 27, 2008 at 10:06 am | Posted in adventures, bulgaria | Leave a comment

by sandra.

things that are the same about america and bulgaria –

-bulgaria also has kfc, mc donald’s and pizza hut.

-mc donald’s icecream tastes the same and i’m lovin’ it.

-you can watch mtv, vh1, hallmark, discovery, national geographic, soccer, and tennis on tv. also full house, star trek, stargate, and grey’s anatomy.

-you hear american music (although most is from the early 90’s) and can watch american music videos.

-we both have owls, red tail hawks, storks, pigeons, doves, dogs, cats, swallows, and deer.

things that are different about america and bulgaria –

-people park on the sidewalk here.

-matching your clothes is not important.

-many women wear see through shirts.

-most restuarants have outdoor seating (one of our favorite things).

-in bulgaria you put your used toilet paper in the garbage can instead of in the toilet.

-in bulgaria they REALLY like avril lavigne.  they played 10 of her music videos in a row on tv and her picture was on my icecream packaging.

-in bulgaria you eat shopska salata with every meal.

-in bulgaria meals usually last a couple hours.

-in bulgaria you can drink outside or on the train. people smoke everywhere.

-in bulgaria it’s actually summer here.

-many people in bulgaria live in the same town their whole life.

-in bulgaria, you can buy pink, yellow, blue, brown and white toilet paper.

-the sidewalks in bulgaria are walking hazards!  many have holes and uneven pavement.


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