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By Frank

Sandra and I spent two days in Nessebar on Bulgaria´s Black Sea coast. It´s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and incredibly beautiful. It´s a small peninsula that juts out into the ocean and has been habitated for many thousands of years. There are many ruins and ancient churches to explore. It is, however, perhaps the most touristy and expensive site in all of Bulgaria, perhaps with the exception of Bansko, a ski resort town where I lived during my Peace Corps tenure. People constantly approached us trying to get us to eat in their restaurants, which after awhile, became quite annoying.

We swam in the sea at nearby Sunny Beach on our last day in Nessebar, and it was pretty wonderful. We liked our hotel, The White House, and its friendly manager, and we relaxed in our air conditioned room.

View of a cove:

Church ruin:

The sea through a ruin´s window:

Another one, but closer view:

Small boats in a small harbor:

Ancient ruins:

More ruins:

We left Nessebar on Monday for Varna, but when we got to Varna, I couldn´t handle the chaotic city, and we decided to beat it to Veliko Tarnovo, where we´ve been for 4 nights so far.


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