how my husband saved the day(s).

July 14, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Posted in adventures, bulgaria | 1 Comment

by sandra.

the day before yesterday frank and i arrived in sofia again.  we had ridden a coach-type bus for a couple hours and had been forced to watch the heist and a french comedy from the 60’s.  next we walked in 98 degree weather to our hotel.  thus, all we wanted to do was eat some food and then relax and sleep at our hotel.  unfortunately it didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped.

we started to worry a bit when we found out that the room we had reserved was no longer available.  apparently the people who had been staying there decided to stay another night and the hotel clerk just couldn’t say no.  very typical bulgaria.  we started to worry a little more as we followed the clerk up three flights of stairs with all of our luggage and discovered that our room didn’t have any air conditioning.  again, pretty typical.  things continued to worsen as the night progressed.  the clerk made us leave our room key with her when we left the building.  the dogs outside barked continuously.  the bed was like sleeping on the floor. and then there was the tree branch that loudly scratched at our window.

now this hotel room may not sound awful to you and granted it wasn’t the worst hotel room in the world.  however, after traveling for a month and with my allergies going CRAZY we weren’t up for a hot room and a sleepless night.

the next morning frank and i were supposed to get up early to go to rila monestary.  as you can imagine we were not up for the trip.  frank let me continue sleeping and he scoured the city for a new hotel.  he returned victorious and later led me to our new hotel.  hotel niky is a paradise for our travel-weary souls.  it has free internet, 2 air conditioners, a shower WITH A BATHTUB (i haven’t seen one since london), a soft comfy bed, a sitting room, a kitchenette, and free breakfast.  maybe you have to travel in a second world country for a few weeks to appreciate things like this.

if you couldn’t already tell i am so glad to be staying at our new hotel.  now frank and i will be able to enjoy our last few days in bulgaria instead of cursing them.


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  1. I call them 3rd world countries. Perhaps I’m not cultured enough to know the exact difference between a 2nd and 3rd world. I much prefer staying in the 1st world country. I met some similar feelings in Switzerland. My wife being diabetic we needed to keep her insulin in Fridge. We asked for a room with a Refridgerator, they whispered amongst themselves then said Okay. We got the the room and there wasn’t one, not even a mini-bar, so we call the front desk. Immediately a man showed up at our door with a big block of ice, came in, opened what appeared to be a padded stool and put the block of ice in it. One instant “ice box”. Ya, we missed America on that day… but Switzerland does indeed have a view! and it is a trade off. You dont appreciated what you have as much as seeing how others get by without. T.

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