Ugly Americans

July 16, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in adventures, bulgaria, london, rants | 2 Comments

By Frank

Americans suck. Really. Everywhere we go. If there is a loud, obnoxious group of people snorting, laughing, screaming, talking about inane matters, talking about partying until they throw up or pass out, well they are probably Americans. Ugly, loud, annoying Americans ruining our reputation abroad.

It happened on our first visit to London a month ago; we were at the Tower of London cafe and some middle aged southern women were making such a raucous that they had everyone’s attention, including ours, especially since they were at the table right next to us. Older Brittish ladies all the way across the massive hall were shaking their heads in disdain.

In a small museum village’s cafe in Bulgaria, we encountered an American woman, her kid, a Bulgarian woman and her kid who had lived in Florida. Loud. Obnoxious. Attracting attention.

And just now at a pub on the River Thames we had the misfortune of having young Texans, who had just graduated from college, sit down in the table next to us. Talking about getting wasted. Talking big and loud. Embarrassing. Annoying.

If you travel abroad, think about how others percieve you. If everyone is staring at you at a cafe or restaurant, it might be a clue that you are being obnoxious.

Cut it out.



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  1. Ugly Americans are everywhere, even here! Its not surprising that we act like fools abroad when we can’t even act civilized in our own home towns. I’ve traveled the world, and I must agree that Americans are the worst tourists…well, with exception of the rude asians, but they’re used to pushing and shoving their way thru Hong Kong and cutting in line and such…Can you imagine a whole country of New Yorkers ?? EWWWWwwww.
    I really try to represent our “people” well. Tipping, being courteous and polite. I get a few stares in Austria when I hold the door open for a stranger. They look at me like I’m going to expect a tip! But I get the same dumb look when I do that in Houston.

  2. I just got back from Turkey and people keep asking me if there were a lot of “tourists”. Yeah, probably, but few of them were Americans so it didn’t feel like it. I hated traveling with my friend a little bit because where two or more Americans are gathered, the obnoxiousness tends to flow. We just ARE– loud, opinionated, parochial, ignorant, you name it.

    A few other rules for traveling Americans:
    1. Don’t wear t-shirts. Just don’t. No one else does.
    2. Don’t wear shorts. Ibid.
    3. Don’t talk on your cell phone. It magnifies the obnoxious.
    4. Try silence. Really.
    5. Attempt to travel without a tour group.
    6. Attempt to learn some of the words in the language.

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