relishing summer.

August 18, 2008 at 8:11 pm | Posted in adventures, family update | 2 Comments

by sandra.

frank and i recently returned from a camping trip with my family. we spent three days and two nights at the clear lake campground in the national forest surrounding mt. hood. although the campground was full of loud noises and your usual annoyances we had a good time. my favorite feature of the campground was that it was located right on the lake. we were lucky enough to see two beautiful sunsets reflecting on the lake and enjoy an afternoon floating in water tubes (thanks mom!)

our first day was spent rafting down the deschutes river near maupin, oregon. my family has rafted about half a dozen times now and has enjoyed our time every occasion. this is in part because of river drifters (our trusty guides) and also because my family is awesome. this was frank’s first time white water rafting so we were excited to share this experience with him. although he was feeling calm and confident by the time we left the river, the pictures of almost flipping the boat and ending up in the “rume of doom” may deter him from joining us again. 🙂

to see our pictures go here:

the second day frank and i headed up to timberline to explore the lodge and go for a hike. we were pleased to discover that the magic mile lift was running and we were able to take it to the top. we did just that and enjoyed a picnic with a view of the top of mt. hood and the nature beyond. then we hiked down across snow and past fields of wildflowers. if you’re ever looking for a good place to take out of town visitors, timberline is recommended!



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  1. Isn’t Clear Lake a great place to camp? Morgan and I camped there about a month ago.. I can’t believe it’s so close to the lake! We walked all the way around it, which is an adventure that I can’t really recommend….

    See ya soon!

  2. It’s great if you like barking dogs, crying babies, nasty pit toilets, shrieking teenagers, Mormon Boy Scouts going on about gang bangs and god until midnight. It is really pretty, though. –Frank

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