About Us

posted by sandra.

if you’re visiting this site you probably already know us, but i case you don’t (or just forgot) you should know that we’re frank and sandra, two teachers who got married in 2007 and live together in portland, oregon.  our love of scrabble, jeopardy, star trek, firefly, reading, and wikipedia are just a few of the things that make us nerdy.  oh, and we both wear glasses.

we launched this blog to keep our family and friends updated about the fun and sometimes exciting activities we do in between sleeping, eating, and working 10 hour days.  enjoy!



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  1. Hey Frank,

    I was in your English lit class at Tulelake. Allen Scott sent me your blog info. Hope the rest of your trip to Bulgaria is rad. You’re in Portland now, eh? I lived up there for two beautiful summers!!

  2. Hey Folks — If you really wanna play some Scrabble you’re in the right town. We have great Scrabble. Come join us:

    Tuesday night — Lake Oswego Rec Center //
    Thursday night — Old Wives’ Tales Restaurant //
    Friday afternoon — West Linn Burgerville //
    Sunday afternoon — Lucky Lab on Hawthorne //

    (Oh, and p.s., you don’t really look like nerds.)

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