update: our new place!

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by sandra.

my mom, frank, and i have been working since last friday to unpack, organize, and arrange our new place in seattle. frank and i are excited to now have the living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom complete and ready for visitors. we’re hoping to finish up the guest room and storage unit on friday.

we had a few bumps in the moving process, but overall things are well. we’re liking our new place and enjoying our neighborhood. everyone that we’ve met on our walks and at the block party have been friendly. i think it’ll just take time for us to get used to living in the city again; we both still can’t believe that we live here now.

schmoo was a little nervous when exploring his new home at first, but likes the apartment now. i think he enjoys being able to see us better as we move from room-to-room.

here’s the outside of our building. it was built in 1930 and recently renovated.

we love the vintage details, like the art deco doorknobs:

frank found the perfect place for his family’s clock in the entryway:

and i appreciate all the extra space for our frames and treasures.

our cozy living room looks out into the garden…

…where we found a home for our bird feeder, wind chimes, and pug buddha.

the living room has a pass through and a walkway into the dining room and kitchen.

i’m still amazed that my mom was able to find a place for everything in the kitchen. thank goodness for tall cupboards!


before/after: our place in seattle.

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by sandra.

below are a few pictures to help you see what our place in seattle will look like. the building is from the 1930’s and is being renovated now. we just love the mix of vintage and modern features!

here is the entryway – or what you see when you walk in the door. straight ahead you can see the guest room, the archway leads into the living room, and the door on the right leads into the kitchen.

here you can see the kitchen with the dining room in the background. the contractors kept many of the vintage features – like the built ins and old icebox – but added modern amenities like a dishwasher and granite countertops.

lastly, here’s a picture of the living room. it has about 5 windows, all of which look out onto a garden.

the new job & the new place

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by frank.

amazing transformation.

the job:

i’ll have my own office, a document camera, an LCD projector, a lap top, two desktops, three whiteboards. when the other history teacher told me i might want to switch the direction of my room, i asked her if i would just move the whiteboards and screens. she looked at me like i was nuts. apparently, teachers don’t do that kind of stuff at my new school. there’s a maintenance tech for that. when i told her all the things i had to do at my last school (assemble desks/tables, hang whiteboard, screen, take out the trash, etc.), she was incredulous.

i’ll be teaching two sections of pacific northwest history/pacific rim and two sections of world history. we actually have class sets of books, including sherman alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. i have a lot of freedom in developing and delivering curriculum.

the staff i’ve met so far is very friendly. since it’s a small school (under 180), the community is close knit.

i decided to teach high school history in 1992; clearly, i’ve taken a few detours and finding such a job has been challenging. i am so happy to be using my degree doing something i’m good at and enjoy.

the new place:

our new place, in the east lake neighborhood, is in a recently renovated vintage brick building with views of downtown seattle, the needle, queen anne, and lake union. it’s a block off the main road with its bus service, around the corner from several nice restaurants, and just a few blocks from lake union. it’s a short drive or a quick ride on the SLUT (South Lake Union Transit) to downtown and seattle center.

after searching hundreds and hundreds of housing ads, exploring dozens of seattle neighborhoods on google maps, and touring several buildings yesterday, we are relieved to have secured a place that meets our needs. it’s close to the freeway for my commute. it has a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. it has lots of charm. we can have the dog, and there are plenty of places to take him on walks. it has a nice neighborhood feel but is close to a lot of great places. oh, and it’s right behind Sandra’s brother’s apartment building.

the best part is that we found a two bedroom, not an easy or cheap thing to find in seattle. so when you come visit, you’ll have a place to stay!

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